6 Tips On How To Get Job Referrals From Your Network Contacts

6 Tips On How To Get Job Referrals From Your Network Contacts

One of the multiple benefits of leveraging on your personal or professional network as part of your job search efforts is that some of your network contacts may be somehow related to the industry or company of interest and can provide you with useful information and referrals.
To better manage your resources, particularly when it comes to networking as part of job search efforts, here are some helpful tips for you.

Nurture And Add Value To Your Network

ecd sffceDon’t make a mistake to wait until you are looking for a job to grow and nurture your network. As we never know when we may be in need of, it’s logical to maintain a network career that is active, even if you think you may not need it today.

Do not contact only those who can assist at the point you’ve been fired and you are seeking a new position. Keep in touch with your network on a regular basis – even if it’s just a short mail saying hello and asking how they are doing or look for how you can help your contacts. People are usually in a will to assist when they know you.

Consider Your Approach

Since you may have different levels of relationship with the contacts in your network, it is recommended that you adjust your strategy accordingly. For some of your not-so-close contacts, it may be inappropriate just to give them a call out of nowhere to ask for referrals. In those cases, consider sending them an email or note, or ask them for time to coffee or lunch to reconnect and ask them for advice would be a better approach.

Listen To What They Have To Say

Even if the person does not know much about the field or company of interest, they might provide you with valuable advice. Don’t make the mistake of not being attentive to your contact’s advice as they might be giving you gems of information that may be valuable as you go along with your search.

Just Ask For Two Referrals.fdcfcffr

Two referrals are enough from each of your contact. The reason behind the number is for you to┬áhave┬ámore than one option in case the first one didn’t result as planned. On the other hand, asking your contacts for more than two referrals could be improper as it can take additional time and effort from your network contact. So, don’t ask for more than two referrals and if they volunteer more than two, the better.

Contact Referrals As Soon As Possible

Once you are provided with references, don’t hesitate to follow-up upon the information given. There are times when your contact may call the person to introduce you and to let them know that you will be contacting them. Being that so, you don’t want to delay on taking action.

Also, it can happen the other way around where you speak with the referral and the person contact your network acquaintance to verify your information and to get some feedback. So it is beneficial for you that these conversations happen earliest possible, so your network friend has the conversation with still fresh in his mind.…